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2018 Sermons

Listen to sermons given in 2018 for enrichment to your spiritual life.
File Date Title
11/03/2018 Bob Mix "Can Our Dead Loved Ones Speak To Us?" Download
10/27/2018 Bob Davidson "God Gestapo's" Download
08/25/2018 Bob Davidson "Can People Change? Ask Joseph" Download
01/20/2018 Bob Mix "Daring To Draw Closer to God" Download
03/17/2018 Bob Mix "God Leads Us Along" Download
04/07/2018 Bob Mix "Standing Tall For God" Download
05/05/2018 Bob Mix "The Purpose of Signs" Download
12/15/2018 Bob Mix "Here Comes The Son" Download
11/17/2018 Bob Mix "I AM The Resurrection" Download
02/17/2018 Bob Mix "Prayer That Changes Things" Download
03/03/2018 Bob Mix "The Doubt Factor" Download
08/18/2018 Bob Mix "The Lie cont." Download
08/04/2018 Bob Mix "The Lie!" Download
12/01/2018 Bob Mix "The Promise" Download
02/03/2018 Bob Mix "Time Alone With God" Download
05/19/2018 Bob Mix "What Is The Abomination of Desolation?" Download
10/06/2018 Bob Mix "Who Hit You?" Download
06/16/2018 Bob Mix "Why Does God Allow Deception?" Download
06/02/2018 Bob Mix "Will You Recognize the Anti-Christ?" Download
07/14/2018 Dave Giles "Communion" Download
11/10/2018 Dave Giles "If You Love Me" Download
06/09/2018 Dave Giles "Jonah" Download
12/08/2018 Dave Giles "My Ways Not Your Ways" Download
08/11/2018 Dave Giles "Wisdom" Download
12/29/2018 Dick Hoey "Faith That Will Stand The Test" Download
05/26/2018 Ed Noyes "Four Creatures Arise from Tumultuous Seas" Download
06/30/2018 Richard Morris "How Can We Know God? Part 2" Download
06/23/2018 Richard Morris "How Can We Know God?" Download
09/29/2018 Richard Morris "Why Must We (Not) Believe Part 2" Download
09/08/2018 Richard Morris "Why MUST We Believe?" Download
09/01/2018 Ron Baker "Sanctuary Lessons" Download
09/15/2018 Ron Baker "Sanctuary Lessons" Download
10/20/2018 Ron Baker "Sanctuary Lessons" Download
07/07/2018 Ron Baker "The Prophecy That Failed" Download
11/24/2018 Ron Baker "The Reason I Know God Is Alive And Well" Download
12/22/2018 Ron Howden "Words" Download
01/27/2018 Ron Wearner "In The Beginning God" Download

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End: 04:28 PM, 12/05/2020


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Dear God

First Responders

Dear God: When we’re little it’s fun being first. First in line for lunch. The first one to open ...

Final Exams

Dear God: I’ve got a massive comprehensive final exam in 45 minutes, God, and I can’t help the fe...

Better Sermons, Please Pastor

Dear God: I have to open up my heart to you, Lord. Here goes: please bless Pastor with an extra p...

I Love to Argue!

Dear God: I love to argue! Please help me to start remembering that I don’t need to set the entir...

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