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2019 Sermons

File Date Title
01/05/2019 Bob Mix - "Father, Forgive Them" Download
01/12/2019 Dick Hoey - "A Calll to Loyalty and Faithfulness" Download
01/19/2019 Bob Mix - "Second Advent Surprise" Download
01/26/2019 Christine Oroco-Acosta - "The Most Valuable Decision" Download
02/02/2019 Bob Mix - "Rapture, Secret or Open" Download
02/09/2019 Dave Giles - "Worldly" Download
02/16/2019 Bob Mix - "Why The Delay?" Download
02/23/2019 Glen Gessele - "Love Your Enemies" Download
03/02/2019 Bob Mix - "Ten Ladies Waiting" Download
03/09/2019 Ron Baker - "We Have a Message to Bear: Prepare to Meet Thy God" Download
03/16/2019 Bob Mix - "Trusting His Servants" Download
03/23/2019 Dave Giles - "Mercy and Kindness" Download
03/30/2019 Ron Howden - "Love" Download
04/06/2019 Bob Mix - "The Promise" Download
04/13/2019 Ron Baker - "Is My Name Written There" Download
04/20/2019 Bob Mix - "The Joy of the Cross" Download
04/27/2019 Bob Davidson - "7 Research-based Scriptural Principles for a Positive Marriage" Download
05/04/2019 Bob Mix - "Sheep Goats" Download
05/11/2019 Dave Giles - "Joy" Download
05/18/2019 Bob Mix - "Do Not Worry" Download
05/25/2019 Ed Noyes - "A Testimony" Download
06/01/2019 Bob Mix - "The Aroma of Grateful Love" Download
06/08/2019 Kok Tho Yip - "Neuroscience of Brain and Mind in Meditation" Download
06/15/2019 Dave Giles - "Still Coming" Download
06/22/2019 Dick Hoey - "A Movement of Destiny" Download
06/29/2019 Kirk Betz - "Living Faith" Download
07/06/2019 Bob Mix - "Here Is Your Son" Download
07/13/2019 Dick Hoey - "If the Foundations Be Destroyed..." Download
07/20/2019 Ron Baker - "Preparing for the Second Coming" Download
07/27/2019 Dick Hoey - "God's Purpose in Probationary Time" Download
08/03/2019 Bob Mix - "The Narrow Door" Download
08/10/2019 Dave Giles - "It's Good News" Download
08/17/2019 Bob Mix - "God's Greatest Joy" Download
08/24/2019 Dick Hoey - "As It Was In The Days of Noah" Download
08/31/2019 Musical Sermon - "Harmony for Jesus" Download
09/07/2019 Bob Mix - "The Faithful Older Brother" Download
09/14/2019 Ed Noyes - "Why Are SDA's In the Blue Zone?" Download
09/21/2019 Ron Baker - "Living In The Last Days" Download
10/05/2019 Bob Mix - "Forsaken By God" Download
10/12/2019 Ron Baker - "The Surprise of Eternity" Download
10/19/2019 Bob Mix - "Our Father Loves You!" Download
10/26/2019 Dr. Stan Hudson - "A Call to Worship the God of Genesis" Download
11/02/2019 Bob Mix - "Open My Eyes" Download
11/09/2019 Dick Hoey - "Biblical Christianity By Design" Download
11/16/2019 Bob Mix - "Making God Gag!" Download
11/30/2019 Dave Giles - "Pagan Legacy" Download
12/07/2019 Bob Mix - "God In A Box" Download
12/21/2019 Bob Mix - "The Peace Child" Download
12/28/2019 Ron Howden - "Forgiveness" Download

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Place: Forest Grove, Oregon

Start: 04:29 PM, 12/04/2020

End: 04:28 PM, 12/05/2020


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