Nathan Green Portrait of Jesus with a bunch of random people
Instrumental Music played by Marla Danielson  (click to listen and download)

By The Clear Crystal Sea    written by Marla Danielson
Find Us Faithful    written by Joh Mohr
Friends   written by Michael W Smith
He Calls The Stars By Name   written by Joe E. Parks
He's Alive   written by Marla Danielson
I Will Be Here   written by Steven Curtis Chapman
Love Came Down At Christmas   written by Marla Danielson
The Lighthouse  written by Ronnie Hinson
Via Dolorosa   written by Billy Sprague
Wonderful, Merciful Savior     written by Eric Wyse
Wonderful Peace   written by W. G. Cooper

The Holy City  written by Stephen Adams

Vocal and Instrumental Music sung and played by Marla Danielson (click to listen and download)

Always Be A Child   written by Ray Boltz

The Altar   written by Ray Boltz
Shepherd Boy   written by Ray Boltz
There Is A Savior   written by Greg Nelson, Bob Farrell and Sandi Patti

Steps to Christ in Song written by J. Ron Baker and Marla Danielson, accompanied and arranged by Marla Danielson (click on song titles to listen and download)

By Ellen G. White

UPON many ears there fall the words of the gracious invitation, "Come unto Me,"--that call of a compassionate Saviour whose heart of love is drawn out toward all who are wandering away from God; and in the hearts of many, who are really longing for the help to be found in Jesus, there is quickened the purpose to return to the Father's house. With such the inquiry of Thomas is oft repeated, "How can we know the way?" The Father's house seems to be a long way off, and the road appears difficult and uncertain. What are the steps which lead homeward?
The title of this book tells its mission. It points to Jesus as the only one who is able to meet the needs of the soul, and directs the feet of the doubting and the halting to "the pathway of peace." It leads the seeker after righteousness and wholeness of character, step by step, along the way of the Christian life, to that fulness of blessing which is found in the complete surrender of self and an unwavering trust in the saving grace and the keeping power of the Friend of sinners. The instruction found in these pages has brought comfort and hope to many a troubled soul, and has enabled many followers of the Master to walk more confidently and more joyfully in the steps of their divine Leader. It is hoped that it may bear the same message to many more who are needing the same help.
"There let the way appear---Steps up to heaven."
So it was with Jacob, when, oppressed with the fear that his sin had cut him off from God, he lay down to rest, and "he dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven." The connection between earth and heaven was thus revealed to him, and words of comfort and hope were spoken to the wanderer by Him who stood at the top of the shadowy stairs. May the heavenly vision be repeated to many as they read this story of the way of life. PUBLISHERS.

Steps to Christ Part 1, sung by Pastor Bob Mix
God's Love sung by J. Ron Baker and Marla Danielson
The Sinner's Hope sung by J. Ron Baker and Marla Danielson
Lord, Let Me See sung by J. Ron Baker and Marla Danielson
God Be Merciful to Me sung by J. Ron Baker and Marla Danielson
I Choose You, Lord sung by J. Ron Baker and Marla Danielson

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