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2019 Sermons

File Date Title
01/05/2019 Bob Mix - "Father, Forgive Them" Download
01/12/2019 Dick Hoey - "A Calll to Loyalty and Faithfulness" Download
01/19/2019 Bob Mix - "Second Advent Surprise" Download
01/26/2019 Christine Oroco-Acosta - "The Most Valuable Decision" Download
02/02/2019 Bob Mix - "Rapture, Secret or Open" Download
02/09/2019 Dave Giles - "Worldly" Download
02/16/2019 Bob Mix - "Why The Delay?" Download
02/23/2019 Glen Gessele - "Love Your Enemies" Download
03/02/2019 Bob Mix - "Ten Ladies Waiting" Download
03/09/2019 Ron Baker - "We Have a Message to Bear: Prepare to Meet Thy God" Download
03/16/2019 Bob Mix - "Trusting His Servants" Download
03/23/2019 Dave Giles - "Mercy and Kindness" Download
03/30/2019 Ron Howden - "Love" Download
04/06/2019 Bob Mix - "The Promise" Download
04/13/2019 Ron Baker - "Is My Name Written There" Download
04/20/2019 Bob Mix - "The Joy of the Cross" Download
04/27/2019 Bob Davidson - "7 Research-based Scriptural Principles for a Positive Marriage" Download
05/04/2019 Bob Mix - "Sheep Goats" Download
05/11/2019 Dave Giles - "Joy" Download
05/18/2019 Bob Mix - "Do Not Worry" Download
05/25/2019 Ed Noyes - "A Testimony" Download
06/01/2019 Bob Mix - "The Aroma of Grateful Love" Download
06/08/2019 Kok Tho Yip - "Neuroscience of Brain and Mind in Meditation" Download
06/15/2019 Dave Giles - "Still Coming" Download
06/22/2019 Dick Hoey - "A Movement of Destiny" Download
06/29/2019 Kirk Betz - "Living Faith" Download
07/06/2019 Bob Mix - "Here Is Your Son" Download
07/13/2019 Dick Hoey - "If the Foundations Be Destroyed..." Download
07/20/2019 Ron Baker - "Preparing for the Second Coming" Download
07/27/2019 Dick Hoey - "God's Purpose in Probationary Time" Download
08/03/2019 Bob Mix - "The Narrow Door" Download
08/10/2019 Dave Giles - "It's Good News" Download
08/17/2019 Bob Mix - "God's Greatest Joy" Download
08/24/2019 Dick Hoey - "As It Was In The Days of Noah" Download
08/31/2019 Musical Sermon - "Harmony for Jesus" Download
09/07/2019 Bob Mix - "The Faithful Older Brother" Download
09/14/2019 Ed Noyes - "Why Are SDA's In the Blue Zone?" Download
09/21/2019 Ron Baker - "Living In The Last Days" Download
10/05/2019 Bob Mix - "Forsaken By God" Download
10/12/2019 Ron Baker - "The Surprise of Eternity" Download
10/19/2019 Bob Mix - "Our Father Loves You!" Download
10/26/2019 Dr. Stan Hudson - "A Call to Worship the God of Genesis" Download
11/02/2019 Bob Mix - "Open My Eyes" Download
11/09/2019 Dick Hoey - "Biblical Christianity By Design" Download
11/16/2019 Bob Mix - "Making God Gag!" Download
11/30/2019 Dave Giles - "Pagan Legacy" Download
12/07/2019 Bob Mix - "God In A Box" Download
12/21/2019 Bob Mix - "The Peace Child" Download
12/28/2019 Ron Howden - "Forgiveness" Download

Sabbath Time


Place: Forest Grove, Oregon

Start: 05:59 PM, 10/30/2020

End: 05:58 PM, 10/31/2020


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Life Notes

Mentor Men

It’s so easy to get jaded about men. Especially those men who don’t live up to our expectations f...

Spiritual Therapy for Your Soul

For several weeks I have been going for physical therapy. Years ago I was prescribed P.T. for dif...

Falling and Failing

When I was young, I remember falling off a pony, later a horse, several sleds, and some skies. I ...

Life Mates

We enjoy watching birds and have many coastal birds around our home. For the past several years w...

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