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  • Please pray for my colleague P. Something is wrong, and I don't know what, but God knows. Thanks.
    - Sep 10 2021
  • Kellee was given poison by a trusted person, and won't take the remedy to the poison, as she won't believe it is poison until it is late, and the effects are obvious. Please pray. Thanks.
    - Sep 09 2021
  • Somebody keeps repeatedly releasing some smelly chemical/ gas at our windows in the night. It killed some pests and made us ill, but prayer and charcoal powder (at windows) are helping. Some keep photographing us, and suddenly stopping and hiding when they notice that we see them. Please join us in prayer against the devil and his servants. Thanks.
    - Sep 08 2021
  • B&G&J&K&co. are part of a devil worshipping cult in __, and have been trying to kill God's people via witchcraft and violence and persecution. Please plead Jesus' blood against the devil and his agents, to deliver these cult members from Satan, if they choose, or to rebuke them along with the demons if they don't want salvation. Thanks.
    - Sep 07 2021
  • Please pray with me that all code and algorithms deleting truth from social media & online platforms be immediately deleted instead from servers and from programmers' memories, in Jesus' name, and for restoration of deleted information. Thanks.
    - Sep 05 2021
  • Randy was spiritual, intelligent, and active in church, then someone tricked and drugged him, and now he is vehemently opposed to the right. Please plead Jesus' blood against the devil for him, and for some others like him. Thanks.
    - Sep 04 2021
  • I am sick, and so is my elderly mother with whom I live (many chronic issues each, recently worsening, covid-19 negative). Again, I am leaving the house when I should be arriving at work. We got news this morning of a friend's death, after Mom had an asthma attack. Please pray for the bereaved family, and for us, too. Thanks.
    - Sep 03 2021
  • Please pray for Latter Rain Power for God's people, for sealing, for readiness for the final, rapid events almost upon us, and for us to urgently spread the Everlasting Gospel, including the Right Arm of the gospel, the Health Message (NEW START/ CELEBRATIONS, natural remedies), which are the God-made (not man- made) solution to this crisis now.
    - Aug 30 2021
  • M is letting pride, fear, and anger at some people who call him names cloud his judgement. His clouded judgement can kill many people. Please pray. Thanks.
    - Aug 30 2021
  • Please pray for us, for God's guidance in some vital, life- and- death decisions. Please pray for defence against demonic attacks, by Jesus' blood. Thanks.
    - Aug 29 2021
  • I have taken on an Esther-type challenge, by God's grace. Please pray for me. Thanks.
    - Aug 25 2021
  • Some will want to kill me, or at a minimum get me fired, for talking truths that can save many lives. Please pray for a "Daniel" all alone. Thanks.
    - Aug 25 2021
  • Please pray for L and family, who are trying to save some people's lives, and some criminals are intent on killing them. Please pray. Thanks.
    - Aug 24 2021
  • Our cat has terminally cancer and we need to put her to sleep, as recommended by multiple vets. We are believers, and know that killing is wrong. How do we know when it is ok to put our cat to sleep? M and K
    M and K Messenger - Aug 24 2021
  • Please pray for me to finish the Lesson Plans that are needed by tomorrow for the new school term. Thanks.
    - Aug 24 2021
  • I am in a lifesaving mission, where some persons are trying to kill a group of people. Please pray for protection and success, in Jesus' name. Thanks.
    - Aug 24 2021
  • Happy Sabbath. Please pray for Latter Rain Power on God's people, and for us to spread the pure, unadulterated, Everlasting Gospel. Pray for us to follow and teach the Right Arm of the gospel, from God's Word and His Testimonies, by God's grace and power, in Jesus' name. Thanks.
    - Aug 20 2021
  • Please pray for me to be able to get and keep the kitchen and the bathroom pristine and clean and neat, at a bare minimum, even if the rest of the house stays as is. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired and of being unable to have the place clean and having a big mess. Please pray for me. Thanks.
    - Aug 12 2021
  • I teach. A specific school admin, GK, has repeatedly worked to sabotage me, including deleting links to online exams at the exam start time [thank God I had access to the actual exams, and knew the links alone were gone], changing students' online grades, etc. Now it is a contact from a student querying grades [after receiving a yearly report] that prompted this request -- Term 1 high grades changed to terrible failures. Please plead Jesus' blood against the devil and all his work. Thanks.
    - Aug 11 2021
  • Please join in prayer for: 1-Healing for S & A from multiple complaints each, and deliverance from demonic attacks. 2-Open, gentle communication between Joe and Livy, and for them to be closer drawn to God. 3-Tonya lost her vehicle due to dishonest mechanics and bribe-loving motor vehicle examiners. She is in stress without it for months. Please pray for the replacement now. Thanks for pleading Jesus' blood.
    - Aug 10 2021
  • Please pray for protection from poisoning and from arson and from all violence. Thanks.
    - Aug 07 2021
  • Eight months ago we lost our old '97 Corolla after multiple mechanics ripped us off and we refused to bribe to get it legally passed as roadworthy. We are tight financially and really in need of a vehicle. My elderly mother is ill (still alive only by God's clear miracles), and various other factors make it a must. Please pray. Thanks.
    - Aug 06 2021
  • Please pray for G. She is under demonic attack against her health, finances, etc., and community and church members have been spiting and shunning her, because she stood for the right. She is elderly. Thanks for praying.
    - Aug 03 2021
  • Please pray for us to get our vehicle this week. We have been trying to get one for a while, after losing our old one because of unscrupulous mechanics & bribe-loving vehicle examiners [Jamaican examiners are notorious for bribes]. We refused to bribe to get our car passed as roadworthy, and multiple mechanics ripped us off, including stealing parts that we bought & gave them to put in after the examiner said to replace them. Thanks for praying.
    - Aug 02 2021
  • We remain officially under punishment as liars and slanderers, while the real liars are treated as victims and lifted up. This is after over 1.5 years. We tried to discreetly deal with a problem, and the persons made a big public fuss, labelled us as liars and slanderers, and got everyone to turn on us. The person in authority happily lanced into us like a bulldog attacking. Please pray. Thanks.
    - Aug 01 2021

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