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  • Some devilish persons made me lose my old car 2020. I urgently need a vehicle for my work --- I am basically limping one- legged trying to work without it. Please pray. Thanks.
    - Sep 03 2022
  • Please pray for a lost prescription to be found quickly, so we don't have to bother the doctor before the next scheduled appointment, and so my elderly mom's blood pressure and eyes can be okay, and her feet won't swell. Thanks. "Whatever ye ask the Father in My name" is promised.
    - Aug 16 2022
  • Please plead Jesus' blood against attacks from those fallen creatures. From noises in the night like the house is full of unseen people, to huge salt spills that seem like the salt just cannot ever finish being cleaned up, to work being blocked, to strange illnesses, etc, please pray for God to stop it in Jesus' name. Thanks. "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb.. And the God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly.."
    - Aug 11 2022
  • A corrosive alkaline liquid (bubbles with vinegar but not baking soda, made fingers feel like "perm" relaxer did when it caught fingers) mysteriously is on the floor near a rear external door, *again,* possibly put under the door by specific persons. Please pray. Thanks.
    - Aug 08 2022
  • Please join me in prayer for the Inside Story incident with Eduardo to be repeated over and over, especially for those with demons who go to the church to cause trouble to have to leave the demons outside and come in to be delivered [or else stay out, far away, with the demons, if they won't leave them behind], in Jesus' name and by His blood. Thanks. "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb..."
    - Aug 01 2022

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Place: Forest Grove, Oregon

Start: 06:52 PM, 09/30/2022

End: 06:50 PM, 10/01/2022


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