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  • Please pray for me to get my vehicles to drive today, with no further delays. It is urgent. Thanks.
    - Jan 10 2021
  • Please pray for God to be glorified in healing, providing financial miracles, getting overdue work done, properly preparing & doing almost- overdue work, and many needed miracles. Thanks.
    - Jan 09 2021
  • One-third of God's angels joined the devil, and maybe 1/3 of certain "godly" groups are part of the "Secret Terrorists," while the 2/3 are afraid of them, instead of trusting and obeying God. Please pray for these terrorists to be converted or to be removed from messing up God's work, in Jesus' name, by Jesus' blood, and for Latter Rain Power on all God's people in His Remnant around the world. Pray for those fearing man and not God to be converted, too -- they are not converted if fear of man makes them oppose right instead of promoting right, even in the face of death. Thanks.
    - Jan 08 2021
  • Please pray for our blood tests to clearly show what is wrong and what to do. Please pray for Divine healing. Please pray for God's glory in our health, family, finances, work, ministry, everything. Thanks.
    - Jan 03 2021
  • Please pray for God to either save, urgently (by Jesus' blood) or remove all "Secret Terrorists" (look up the pdf free book online) from His Remnant Church, in Jesus' name. Pray for their demonic work to be nullified, and for their interference in God's work to be cancelled, in Jesus' name. Thanks.
    - Jan 03 2021
  • More Prayer-- More Power. 777 ___&___ 6,12,6 ___&____6,7,12,6,7 Our family used to pray 6,12,6 daily, then started 7,12,7 because of 777: The worldwide SDA Church is praying 777 => 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. 7 days a week for Latter Rain Power. WJC is praying 6,12,6 => 6 a.m., 12 noon, and 6pm, for our upcoming online evangelistic series. So now we decided to do 6,7,12,6,7. Please join us praying for God's Holy Spirit in Latter Rain Power. Thanks.
    - Jan 03 2021
  • Please pray for Kevin. Satan has held him captive since he was a small child via satanic music, movies, gaming, TV, and other prodigal living. Please pray for God's deliverance and full conversion of this man before his parents die. Apart from me (and all my awful imperfections too) they are all he has left in the way of a connection to God's truths, and they are very sick. Please pray for a conversion experience, for both of us. Please pray that Kevin will cry out inside like the demoniac, and that Jesus will free him, completely, for good. Please pray he will forgive me for the faults I have, and the errors I have made that have made him so mad. Please pray God will free us and welcome us home to Him, and that Kevin will see that the only hope either of us is through a real, dedicated relationship with God through consistent Bible study and prayer and church living, and that he will be willing.
    Anonymous - Jan 01 2021

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